Where do you go when you are looking for a place to celebrate New Years Eve and you are in Jomtien? The answer can be Romanasia. In this restaurant you get the feeling of a perfect world. The entrance has a colonial architectural style combined with a Chinese style. It is romantic when you cross the small bridge on the way to the front door. The door opens at the moment you reach it, and there the staff are welcoming you with their hand palms together in front of their noses and with a deep bow; sawasdee. They are dressed in the nicest thai-dresses made of silk. 

The room is big and airy with a stairway leaping upward to the 2. Floor. On the hallway there is a picture of the former queen, who died 10 years ago. She looks happy, smiling warmly. She did a lot to help the hill tribes. 

We were seated at a nicely decorated table. There was much space between the tables and it didn’t feel crowded in spite that quite a lot of people had chosen to celebrate New Years Eve here. The guests were both Thai couples and Westerners hungry for sun (and fun). 

Our English host gave a sign and the starters were served. There were many dishes like soup of pumpkin, different rolls, cupcakes, pates and lots more. Then the main courses were served and finally the desert. Everything that was served was just perfect in both taste and design. 

In the background we could just hear the tranquil music. 

As an extra desert we were given a dance performance. Our host’s daughter, with the nicest costume, gave a performance in the traditional Thai dance. 

We felt saturated and went happily out in the night to give each other the New Years Eve greetings and watch the fireworks.

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